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Life Aboard A Liveaboard
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Liveaboards are the ultimate diving experience for many.

Each diver has a gear locker on deck.

Cameras gear has its own special place on deck.

Divers of all experience levels enjoy liveaboards.

Happiness is five dives a day.

The buddy system is always used.

Proper preparation makes for a great dive.

Diving is the main focus of the trip.

But there is plenty of time to relax.

Many new friendships are made.

Evenings provide time for social activities.

Meals are a focal point of each day.

There's always a good selection .

A comfortable cabin rounds out the experience.

Theme nights can arise at any time.

Anemones carpet some reef areas.

They come in many colors.

Clown fish are usually hovering nearby.

Great anemone and clown fish photos, Bob!

A multicolored clown.

A red clown.

Butterflyfish are common in tropical waters.

Other fish are less common.

This cuttlefish is a real find.

Octopi are fun and smart.

A lionfish - another good find.

Lobsters can usually be found tucked into ledges.

Nudibranchs can be found in lots of regions.

Turtles are always fun to dive with.

They can be very curious dive partners.

These giant clams were found on the Great Barrier Reef.

The reef has grown around many of them.

They vary in size and coloring.

Oops!  Ken wasn't watching where he was swimming.

Rare species are often hidden in the reefs.

Sea squirts come in lively colors.

Here's a purple one.

A red sea star.

Divers come in all shapes and sizes, too.

This is what it's all about.

Photography is a popular activity on liveaboards.

Some folks really get into it.



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